The Battle of the Alamo

Battle of the Alamo for web

The Battle of the Alamo is a one-hour documentary explores the events of the 13 day siege and of the subsequent creation of the myth of the Alamo. The film marks the first time in the century-long history of the Alamo in which cameras were allowed to shoot within the walls of the Texas shrine. The film received critical acclaim for its innovation in dramatically depicting events from the pre-photographic era.


Narrator: Hal Holbrook


Director: Paul Wagner
Co-Director: Nina Gilden Seavey
Executive Producer: Tomi Landis
Producer: Nina Gilden Seavey  
Written by Maryanne Culpepper
Director of Photography: Reuben Aaronson
Editor: Jeff Consiglio
Composer, Sound Design and Sound Mix: Skip SoRelle


International Monitor Award for Best Sound Design


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