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We are all being watched. What if our actions are interpreted through a political lens that ensnares us in an unyielding net? Welcome to the world of My Fugitive.

My Fugitive is both a personal and political narrative. It delves into the rich proving ground of Missouri where an intricate web of confidential informants and targeted conspiracies developed with government-invented names such as COINTELPRO, OPERATION CHAOS, SPECTAR, MERRIMAC, RESISTANCE and GARDEN PLOT -- domestic intelligence and subversion programs that targeted thousands in the Civil Rights movement and on the “New Left.” At its heart, My Fugitive is a story about the hydra-headed animal of political repression; one that never allows its victims to go free.

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Federal Court Rulings in Seavey v. Department of Justice

On May 17, 2017 Federal Judge Gladys Kessler handed down her ruling in the five-year legal battle, “Seavey v. Department of Justice.” 

Judge Kessler was unequivocal:  

"The basic purpose of the Freedom of Information Act [is] to open agency action to the light of public scrutiny.  At this present difficult time in our country's history, it is important as never before, that the American public be as educated as possible as to what "our Government is up to."

With that strong statement, that will inevitably be cited in FOIA lawsuits for years to come, hundreds of thousands of pages of documents have been released by the FBI, the CIA, the Department of the Army, and the National Archives that shed light on the terrible truths about the U.S. Government’s infiltration and subversion of student and civil rights activists that began in the middle of the last century and whose ripple effects endure until today. 

Read Judge Kessler’s opinions in Seavey v. Department of Justice here


In March 2018, Seavey was recognized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation with a Sunshine Week Award for her lawsuit Seavey v. Department of Justice et al. The watchdog group highlights annual efforts devoted to assuring government transparency.


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