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For over 25 years, the Documentary Center at the George Washington University has been committed to teaching documentary film production and to creating non-fiction films for domestic and international audiences. Professional films produced at, and in association with, The Documentary Center have met with critical acclaim.  They have won some of the industry's most prestigious awards including the Emmy, the Erik Barnouw Prize for Best Historical Film of the Year, the Golden Hugo, the Italian National Olympic Cup for Best Sports Film, the Peter C. Rollins Award for Best Film in Popular and American Culture, a Cine Special Jury Award, among many others.  

Our ongoing production of high quality documentary films allows the Center to be both at the creative forefront of the medium in Washington, D.C. – considered the “Docuwood” of filmmaking – and globally as we play an active role in shaping the direction of the non-fiction form. 

My Fugitive

My Fugitive (in production)

We all know that the U.S. Government has spied on its citizens for decades. The only question now is what happens when the information gathered is interpreted through a political lens that begins with one small set of assumptions and ends in a cascade of uncontrollable events that comes to affect the lives of dozens of individuals? This is the cautionary tale that is My Fugitive.

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Parables of War

Parables of War (2014)

Using MacArthur ‘Genius’ Award-winning choreographer Liz Lerman’s theatrical performance piece as a point of departure, Parables of War witnesses the journey of three men who are in one way or another all casualties of war.

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War at Home

The War at Home (2013)

The War At Home explores the transformative home front experience during WWII. The 22-minute film is a production of Signature Communications for the National Park Service in association with The Documentary Center, GWU for the Rosie the Riveter/ World War II Home Front National Historical Park, California.

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4th and Goal

4th and Goal (2010)

Follow Bret, Deqawn, Gibril, Albert, Tim and Randy in their six-year quest to make it to the apex of American sports: the NFL. 4th & Goal is the epic tale of six young men in their quest to join the most elite club in professional athletics: the NFL. What their individual fates reveal is as much a prophetic tale of brotherhood, family and the harsh realities of growing up as it is about excelling on 100 yards of turf.

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The Matador (2008)

The Matador (2008)

The Matador is the epic tale of David Fandila's quest to become the world’s top-ranked bullfighter. Heart-wrenching setbacks and thrilling successes dramatize 'El Fandi's' three-year journey across Spain and Latin America and into the pages of bullfighting history.

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A Short History of Sweet Potato Pie and How It Became a Flying Saucer

A Short History of Sweet Potato Pie and How It Became a Flying Saucer (2006)

Here is the true story of Pearl Mallory who works as a cook at the St. Mary's Court Retirement Home in Washington, DC. Her specialty - Sweet Potato Pie. With it's rich perfume, earthy taste, and silken luster, Pearl's Sweet Potato Pie inspires the most extraordinary and unexpected effect on the normally sober and otherwise staid residents of St. Mary's Home. A Short History of Sweet Potato Pie and How It Became a Flying Saucer is all the evidence you need to know that “You are what you eat.”

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The Open Road: America's Look at Aging

The Open Road: America's Look at Aging (2005)

The Open Road: America Looks At Aging is an hour-long documentary that examines the impending retirement of America's baby boomers and its effects on both society as a whole and on individual choices for the future. The film explores the work and lifestyle options of a host of individuals, at various representative stages of retirement, and reveals the manner in which they have shaped - and continue to shape - the critical "third stage" of life. 

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Ballad of Bering Straight for Web

The Ballad of the Bering Strait

The Ballad of Bering Strait follows seven Russian teenagers who come to America to become country music stars. This true-life story witnesses the transformation of the band’s members as they wend the torturous path to fame that is littered with deals gone awry, unexpected personal sacrifice, hard-to-win audiences, and a revisioning of the American dream.

A Paralyzing Fear for web

A Paralyzing Fear: The Story of Polio In America (1997)

Seldom has society come full circle in the cycle of a disease from illness, to an epidemic to cure. Polio is the 20th century's most notable exception. This fascinating story brings to life an America that was both brave and innocent when people believed in scientists, government, and the power of every person in the fight to protect the children.

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Battle of the Alamo for web

The Battle of the Alamo (1996)

The Battle of the Alamo is a one-hour documentary that explores the events of the 13 day siege and of the subsequent creation of the myth of the Alamo. The film marks the first time in the century-long history of the Alamo in which cameras were allowed to shoot within the walls of the Texas shrine.

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